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   2017 May 18
Yet another teaser for: Mr E Soup: Magic Hands!

Used blender to create the 3d model and rigged the bones
For animation, I wrote my own animation scripts in Unity since Mecanim and the legacy animation wasn't really suitable for my procedural animation goals.

   2017 May 11

Here's another teaser for Mr E Soup!: Are you looking at me?

This is what it first looked like when I first saved the image with GifCam. It starts out fine ... but then something odd happens and the green screen is used.

However, changing the "green screen" color to [color=orange]orange [/color]resolved the issue. :)

   2017 Apr 29
New game! Mr E Soup!

Quick question: What do you think the title Mr E Soup stands for?

A little teaser:

As I've been sort transferring from Flash to Unity, much like my StickMan Sam (full title: StickMan Sam in a Sticky Situation) Flash game series, I started with a 2d side-scrolling action game but decided that it'd be better to go with something even simpler to focus on learning Unity and creating a game engine template that I can use for other games. A point & click game is probably one the "simplest" game category and would fit my purpose perfectly. Even within that category, instead of going with an adventure type, I wanted to focus on the exploration and puzzle solving that I've seen in some of Vectorpark's games: Feed the Head, Windosill, etc. For theme, the wacky and weird animations of Monty Python's Flying Circus came to mind. ;D

About the game
Much like Vectorpark's games, the visuals will be "simple" cartoon style. Also, much like Feed the Head, there will be no music. Sure, music can guide and enhance the experience but in a game that where certain kinds of explorations and experiences are meant to be unique to each person, having music is more likely to be a misdirection rather than a match. Certain rooms/locations/objects may have ambient sounds.

p.s. links to a few Vectorpark games
Feed the Head
Windosill demo are available online for free or you can get them at an app store.

P.S. Yes, StickMan Sam is still "coming soon". XD Now that I am moving with Unity, I'll continue StickMan Sam with Unity. Will it remain 2d or 3d? We'll see. ;)


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