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Dec 24, 2008: Video
A little fun video that I created for the Terminator Salvation Trailer. Watch it

Dec 20, 2008: StickMan Sam 5: Progress
Sorry for the "little" delay ;) There were a few things that I had to take care of in order to be able to focus on StickMan Sam 5. On the bright side, I'm back to creating flash games again. Check out my latest game:
Save Christmas
the sequel to Save Halloween.

StickMan Sam 4: Progress
Check out these screenshots .
Play the game here

May 3, 2006:
After CrazyCycle, I started worked on Pogo Racer - hence delay of StickMan Sam 4. Pogo Racer single and multiplayer versions are going to be beta tested and hopefully released soon. Also continued work on StickMan Sam 4. See Progress status above. Since part 3 got delayed I don't really want to give out any release date but hope to finish it in May.

Mar 8, 2006:
Due to unexpected events StickMan Sam 4 has been cancelled. Just kidding ;) Actually, haven't even started as the CrazyCycle game and it's multiplayer version are taking a bit longer than expected.

Jan 31, 2006:
Wow! It's been such a long time since my last post. I've been working on CrazyCycle and it's close to completion.
Expect StickMan Sam 4 around the end of February or eary March.

Dec 2, 2005:
Having problems with StickMan Sam 3? Check out the walkthrough here.

Nov 24, 2005:
Finally!!! StickMan Sam 3 is complete! More issues popped up again but finally it's done. Play the game here.

Nov 15, 2005:
Good news, bad news. Good news: StickMan Sam - Part 3 is close to being finished. Bad news: It won't be released for a few more days due to testing :(
In the mean time if you haven't seen them, here are a few Screenshots

Oct 28, 2005:
Continued work on my 3D game engine and created Putnik the Pumpkin Saves Halloween!. Play it here.

Oct 23, 2005:
To take a little break from StickMan Sam 3, I created a little game called Bubbsie the Bubble. Play it here.

Oct 7, 2005:
Website is up and running - sort of :) Some parts are still under construction.

When is "StickMan Sam - Part 3" coming out? If all goes well, end of October.

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